19 Oct 2009

SIMO 0.5.0 released

After what may have seemed like a long hiatus, we've finally released a new version of SIMO.
During the past year we've actually been hard at work rewriting the internals of SIMO and as a result the 0.5.0 version of SIMO is now quite a bit faster than the previous one and it's able to deal with considerably bigger datasets as well.

Besides the internal operation of SIMO, we've also changed some of the XML syntax and made the condition syntax in model chains a lot more concise. While this is good news for the new simulators written with SIMO, the old ones face some incompatibility issues. Have a look at the manual for the changes and contact us at info (at) simosol.fi should you need help at the conversion.

What this change also enables us to do, is actually move ahead with the GUI for SIMO, so stay tuned...

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