17 Dec 2008

SIMO article in Computers & Electronics in Agriculture

A research article titled "SIMO: An adaptable simulation framework for multiscale forest resource data" has today been accepted for publication in Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, an international research journal published by Elsevier "providing international coverage of advances in the application of computer hardware, software and electronic instrumentation and control systems to agriculture, forestry and related industries."

9 Jul 2008

EuroPython 2008

Jussi gave a presentation in EuroPython 2008 in Vilnius about how Python was used to make SIMO a reality

16 Jun 2008

SIMO manual in English

We finally translated the SIMO manual to English. Some parts are still to be fleshed out, but most of the material is there.
While the system part of the manual has been translated, the Finnish simulator descriptions are, however, still in Finnish.

6 Jun 2008

SIMO2 - new project, new goals

We've now completed the transition phase for SIMO from under the wings of Helsinki University to our company Simosol Oy. Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation has awarded us a project for the next stage development of SIMO. The project is supported by UPM-Kymmene Ltd., Tornator Oy, Metsähallitus, Forestry Development Centre Tapio and the Forestry Centres, and will extend to 2010.
The focus of the new project is to transform SIMO into a tool for everybody, well, almost at least. See the project page for details

16 May 2008

SIMO book published

Today the SIMO Project published it's first book: “SIMO – Adaptale Simulation and Optimization for Forest Management Planning”. It's published as the 41st publication of the series “University of Helsinki Department of Forest Resource Management Publications” and it's immediately available as a pdf. Should you prefer a printed book, send a request to info (at) simo-project.org.

The book is the final report of the research project that resulted in SIMO. It starts with a short introduction to forest planning in Finland and proceeds to give a brief overview of the different components of SIMO.

8 Apr 2008

SIMO presentations at LIFO2008 conference

SIMO had been in hard use before LIFO2008 conference, as in four of the presented studies, SIMO was used as the main simulation tool. Antti Mäkinen presented a study with the title Error characteristics of different inventory methods and their effect on forest growth projections. Markus Holopainen had a presentation named Effect of tree and stand level LIDAR measurement accuracy on the expected value of harvest decisions. Anu Hankala presented her simulation study with the title The use of micro compartments in forest planning and its effect on forest owner's net income. Eveliina Kotamaa had a presentation about Integration of ALS based bioenergy inventory data and optimal bucking for stand level decision making. Jussi Rasinmäki had a poster about SIMO: "SIMO: An adaptable forest management planning framework for multi-scale forest resource data".
The presentations can be viewed here.

11 Jan 2008

SIMO 0.4.1 released

Today the SIMO Project is releasing version 0.4.1 of the adaptive simulation and optimization framework SIMO.

SIMO 0.4.1 is available as Windows executable. Versions for other platforms will be released in the near future.