31 Oct 2006

SIMO seminar on 30th October, 2006

The second Simo's day (see this link to find out what that means) SIMO seminar was held at the Metsämiesten säätiö's logde in Suomusjärvi.The material is in Finnish

24 Oct 2006

SIMO presentation at the 8th Forest Inventory and Analysis Symposium

Antti gave a presentation on SIMO project at the 8th annual symposium of Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA). FIA is the largest program of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Forest Service. The mission of FIA is similar to the finnish VMI. The symposium was held at Monterey, California from 16th to 19th of october, 2006. Participants of the symposium included researchers and inventory and analysis experts from US, Canada, South American and European countries.

2 Oct 2006

Where are we now?

We are currently tying up the loose ends of the simulator: branching for alternative development scenarios, forestry operations models, individual tree growth model based simulator. The implementation of the GIS component, which the simulator and optimiser components will be able to use directly, has also begun. The optimiser module will be the main focus for the remaining year of the project.

There has also been a major internal change in the SIMO framework; we've moved from file based XML prosessing to a central data repository for the framework. All the input data is still in XML, but once it's fed to the framework, it is converted to the internal data format and stored in a Berkley DB database.

6 Apr 2006

SIMO seminar on 9th March, 2006

We had an open forest management planning software seminar with guests from Norway and Sweden. Thank you for all participants for an interesting day! Below are links to the seminar presentations

13 Mar 2006

Nordic workshop on forest management planning software on 8th March, 2006

We spent a fruitful day discussion the current state of software used for forest management planning and related issues with our guests from Norway and Sweden.
The day was more about informal discussion than prepared presentations, but to get things going we did have some presentations: