31 Oct 2005

SIMO software to be released under MIT license

The board the the SIMO project selected the MIT open source license for the project at the recent SIMO seminar.

28 Oct 2005

SIMO seminar on 28th October, 2005

The first Simo's day (see this link to find out what that means) SIMO seminar was held at the UPM-Kymmene's hunting logde at Kesijärvi.The material is mostly in Finnish

4 Oct 2005

Open source software, companies & licensing

We are currently discussing which open source license to choose for SIMO project. There is a related article in eWeek discussing the possible hurdles for using open source software at companies. It seems that this project is on its way of overcoming those hurdles, so kudos for all the participating companies and organisations.

27 Sep 2005

SIMO presentation at Paikkatietomarkkinat 2005

Jussi gave a presentation about the use of XML in SIMO project at the annual GIS trade show, Paikkatietomarkkinat, in a seminar organised by Taksaattoriklubi. The presentation files, except one big video file, can be downloaded as a zip file. Contents is in Finnish only.

13 Sep 2005

SIMO project switches to Python

Recently we've been active in rewriting our prototype XML-simulator in Python. There is a new branch in the repository. The initial results of this rewrite from full C implementation to a combined Python - C implementation are so promising that this is the path we're very likely to take: the model library will be written as a shared C library and everything else in Python. We're currently using the ElementTree XML-parser by Fredrik Lundh in the simulator. Wingware has kindly provided us with open source development licenses for their excellent Python IDE.

10 Jun 2005

Version control for SIMO source code

SIMO project has now all of its development in version control system. It's accessible from (redundant link removed) either using a web browser or a Subversion client.
Currently the SIMO version control system has three subprojects in it: XML simulator, XML files, and stand simulator developed with J. See the trunk subfolder for each project for the files.

There is no documentation yet, just the codebase under development. Documentation will follow at a later stage.

31 May 2005

Simo seminar in Hyytiälä on 17th May, 2005

The memo of seminar
Presentations given at the SIMO seminars on 17th May, 2005 and 12th January, 2005
  • Esko's presentation "Kasvumallien_toiminnan_validointi"
  • Lauri's presentation "Apteeraussimulaattori metsäsuunnittelun apuvälineenä"
  • Antti's presentation "Virhelähteet yksittäisten puiden latvusten ilmakuvamittauksessa"
  • The XML presentations by Antti, Jouni and Jussi together with the data files are zipped together.

The presentations and memo for the previous seminar on 12th January, 2005 are also available:

16 May 2005

SIMO seminaari 17.5.2005, Hyytiälä

09.00 Behavior of tree models in exceptional stands, Esko Välimäki
09.10 Bucking procedure for forest planning purposes, Lauri Kuusisto
09.20 Yksittäisen puun tunnusten estimointi ilmakuvilta, Antti Mäkinen
09.30 Kahvi
10.00 Yhteenveto SIMO-hankkeen tietotarvekyselystä, Mikael Wathén
10.30 Metsikkösimulaattori, Jussi Rasinmäki
11.00 XML –pohjainen simulaattorirunko, Jussi Rasinmäki, Jouni Kalliovirta, Antti Mäkinen
12.00 Lounas

2 May 2005

Meetings at UPM-Kymmene & Tapio

Jussi has been demonstrating the initial results of the stand level simulator at UPM-Kymmene in Valkeakoski April 21, and at Tapio in Helsinki April 29th.
In the meetings we discussed also the technical design decisions taken to develop the SIMO basic simulation structure. The XML-based simulator is currently at design phase and first prototype implementation is in the works.

31 Mar 2005

Weekly meeting: 31-March-05

An agreement has been signed between Metsäteho and University of Helsinki. The agreement enables the SIMO project to use the nationwide stem data collected by Metsäteho. Metsäteho's bucking simulator MASI will also be supplied to Lauri for use in his master's thesis.

17 Mar 2005

Weekly meeting: 17-March-05

It seems that stand level simulator developed using J - software for forest modeling and planning is generating realistic results. See initial results (in Finnish).
XML-based modelling approach will be tested with diameter distribution use case. Antti, Jouni and Jussi will work on this together with Timo Pekkonen.
Lauri will test the accuracy and performance of a bucking algorithm in forest management planning scenario in his master's thesis. Metsäteho will provide their bucking simulator for him to use.