26 Sep 2011

New timberland DSS from Simosol

Simosol Oy, the main developer of SIMO is releasing a novel timberland DSS, Iptim, later this fall. Learn more about Iptim, follow the news about the development and release schedule of Iptim and join our beta team at www.iptim.com.

29 Apr 2011

SIMO seminar presentations

Here are the presentations of the SIMO seminar on 23rd March, 2011 (in Finnish):

- The history of SIMO, Jussi Rasinmäki, Simosol Oy
- SIMO development between 2007 and 2010, Antti Mäkinen, Simosol Oy
- SIMO from 2011 onwards, Jussi Rasinmäki, Simosol Oy

SIMO in use:
- by UPM-Kymmene Ltd, Janne Uuttera, UPM-Kymmene Ltd
- by Tornator Oy, Ari Rekonen, Tornatory Oy
- by Tapio, Esko Välimäki, Tapio
- by Metsähallitus, Jari Jämsä, Metsähallitus
- Mobidec-tool, Otto Tarvainen, Pohjois-Karjalan AMK
- in research, Antti Mäkinen, Simosol Oy
- Lahti case study: carbon optimal forest management for the forests of city of Lahti, Jouni Kalliovirta, Simosol Oy
- product development by Simosol Oy, Jussi Rasinmäki, Simosol Oy

Thank you to presenters and participants of the seminar, hope to see you again at the next seminar!

17 Feb 2011

SIMO seminar

After a bit of a hiatus we are again arranging a SIMO seminar. It'll be held on 23rd March, 2011 at the office block of matkakeskus in Riihimäki, the address is Eteläinen Asemakatu 2 A. We'll convene at the meeting room on the ground floor.

The program consists of a briefing what has happened to SIMO since 2007, user stories and our own plans for future. Here's the detailed program in Finnish since the seminar will be kept in Finnish as well ;-)

10.00 Kahvit, Simosol Oy:n esittely sekä SIMO:n historia lyhyesti

10.30 Mihin vuonna 2007 jäätiin ... ja missä ollaan nyt? - Eli mitä on saatu aikaan 3 vuoden aikana.

12.00 Lounas AsemaX-ravintolassa

13.00 SIMO käytössä, käyttäjien kertomaa

- Janne Uuttera, UPM Kymmene Oyj
- Ari Rekonen, Tornator Oy
- Esko Välimäki, Tapio
- Jari Jämsä, Metsähallitus

14.00 Simosol SIMO:n käyttäjänä

- Lahti, hiililaskennat
- Tutkimuskäyttö
- Iptim: Plantation, Forest, Infra, Factory

15.00 Päätös

Should you like to participate, please register with Jouni Kalliovirta by February 25th by sending an email to his firstname.lastname@simosol.fi address

4 Nov 2010

SIMO 0.6.1 released

0.6.1 is a bug fix release in which the operation result output was fixed. In the 0.6.0 release the classifier attributes were not handled properly thus leading to wrong results for grouped data.

You can download the 0.6.1 release here and take a look at the change log here.

12 Oct 2010

SIMO 0.6.0 released

After the complete re-write of SIMO (release 0.5.0) we have made a lot of improvements and bug fixes and added a bunch of new features.

You can download the 0.6.0 release here and take a look at the change log here.

Update on SIMO in reasearch

SIMO has been used extensively in forest planning related research in Finland during the past few years. A number of referenced articles where SIMO has been in use have been published this year. A listing of the articles published so far can be found here.

18 Dec 2009

Sanna Härkönen from the University of Eastern Finland has evaluated the stand and tree level forest growth simulators used in Finland. The study was done using SIMO and the article has now been published in the journal Forest Ecology and Management:

Härkönen, S., et al., Evaluation of forest growth simulators with NFI permanent sample plot data from Finland. Forest Ecology and Management (2009), doi:10.1016/j.foreco.2009.11.015

Congratulations to Sanna!